(Unnamed)Story part 2

Sorry I missed yesterday, I totally forgot, my schedule got messed and I ended up working overtime.

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Come on Down

If you are a guy with some free time this evening and live in London come on down to…


Engage in some good deeds and get a workout.

Aid Convoy does containers often and the extra muscle will be appreciated.

Edit: Since literally no one checked the blog in between the time this was posted and the container took place I recommend looking at the social media pages for Aid Convoy and keeping up to date with events like this one, and I shall do my best to advertise the containers a day before they take place instead of a few hours, inshallah.

Long Time No Write, Right?

Assalamu Alaykum everybody, H is back! Long time no write, right? Anyway my exam results came in and Alhamdulillah I’m pretty satisfied with most of them. First I’d like to thank Allah Subhana Wa Taa’la for giving me the ability to survive through the horrible experience. Next I’d like to thank my teachers and their online lessons for teaching me what I needed to know.

Now here are the results:

Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry: grade 3 (unfortunately that’s a fail)

Edexcel GCSE Arabic: grade 5 (really happy with this as I expected MUCH lower)

AQA GCSE English Literature: grade 5 (a bit disapointed with this as I wanted at the very least a 6)

Edexcel IGCSE Physics: grade 7 (very surprised because I thought I was going to fail it)

Edexcel IGCSE Biology: grade 7 (very happy with this one)

Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics: grade 8 (I got 125 marks, which is what is needed to scrape an 8)

Edexcel IGCSE English Language A: grade 9 (entirely surprised as I don’t think my english is very good)

Yeah, so that’s my results, now a list of my online lessons/tutors:
COREDNET tuition for maths and physics.

Journey Into English Tuition for both englishs.

Chemistry I used a tutor who also helped me with biology right before the exam.

Biology I did with a mix of different people, by myself, tutors for a few weeks, help from friends and a lot of duas.

Watch this space for exam tips and some of my notes that I made during my two years of GCSES. For this post, that’s all folks. Salaam!

H forgot to mention Shadowstrike has been bugging her to put up her grades for a while now.